Hursthead Infant School’s admission arrangements comply with the Government’s School Admission Code of Practice which includes compliance with legislation related to the Disability Discrimination and Race Relations Act.  Parents are referred to the local authority booklet ‘Applying for Primary School’ which is available to view online on the Stockport Council website: Nursery and School Admissions

Hursthead Infant School has an admission limit of 90 places each year.  The arrangements for admissions in Stockport primary schools are that priority for places goes firstly to children with an Educational Health Care Plan / Looked After Children / Adopted from Care / or with highly exceptional medical / social reasons, then to children in the catchment area with siblings at the school, then to children in the catchment area.  Any spare places can be offered to children living outside the catchment area; first priority in this case goes to children with siblings at the school.  Should it be necessary, places are allocated on the basis of distance from the school measured by a  straight line between home and school.

Please refer to  for a full explanation. Parents can also contact the local authority’s Admissions Team directly on 0161 217 6022.

Parents considering their child’s admission can make an appointment with the Headteacher to view the school. Children born between September 1st 2019 and 31st August 2020 will begin school in September 2024.

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